It all began October 2015. Waiting on 12th Street for a rideshare passenger. A man sat on the sidewalk right next to my car in the pouring rain. He wasn't even trying to be dry. I got out and offered him an umbrella, bottle of water and some candy.  He was not hustling the crowds. He simply sat hopeless in the rain. He looked directly into my eyes and said,

"Thank you for stopping..."

It took a moment to get his attention. Most homeless think you are greeting someone else.  Maybe it's because we don't know what to say, not that we ignore.

Back in the car, I posted the first FB request asking friends for blankets or gloves they no longer need to pass out to those sleeping on the streets.  The response continues to be overwhelming. I had to move into a spare bedroom, our kitchen table was overflowing. To protect and carry your gifts, they're in oversized zip close, handled plastic bags.

It's been eye opening meeting the people on the street delivering your gifts.  Often along with a hug or pat on the shoulder and a few minutes of conversation.

Many more of you continue to ask how you can help. I have put together a list of items on the right and drop them in the carport. Please use the "contact us" fields above to contact me for pickup/delivery.  We can't fix their troubles, but we can tell them we care and believe they are worth a future they can build.